About Me

Hi there, my name is Mandeep and I am a software developer from Delhi, India. I have been working as a software developer since 2010. I started my journey as an SQL developer, writing PL/SQL stored procedures. Then I moved into backend API development using Node.js in 2014. Since then, I have been working with the JavaScript ecosystem. Over all these years, I have learned about various technologies like Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Express, Sails, Postgres, Vue, Nuxt, Docker and Amazon Web Services. Since 2016, I have been working remotely as an independent software developer for international clients.

I created this blog to share my learning and improve my own understanding of the topics I cover in my posts. If you find my posts helpful and would like to chat with me, come say "Hi" on twitter

Some of the projects I have worked on


I built oDigger from scratch. While I am not proud of the content that's posted on this site (since it's a site for affiliate networks to post their offers and lots of those offers might contain explicit content), I am really proud of the fact that I built this site from scratch on my own. Everything from backend API, front end Nuxt app, database, Elasticsearch, setting up AWS ECS clusters and deployment pipeline.


Wishyoo is a site for creating and sharing online greeting cards. You can scribble, post pictures, record audio and the site will merge all of it in a single collage. It also merges all the recorded audio as if it was recorded as a chorus. Imagine 100 people singing "happy birthday" individually from their phones and that getting merged together as a chorus for the recipient of the card. I worked on this site in the past as a lead backend engineer for over a year. It was an exciting project to work on and the founders were also great people to work with.


UnrollMe is a service that helps you de-clutter your mailbox and manager your subscriptions easily. I worked on this project for a short while as a full stack JavaScript developer. I learned a lot about React framework, GatsbyJS and i18n while working on this project and helped the company build the Japanese version of their site. It's not live yet but you can see the staging version here

Apart from the above projects, I have worked on a lot of other projects which are internal tools for the companies and not accesible on public domain. I love building stuff and learning new things

Other than programming, my hobbies include music, cooking and fitness. You can connect with me on instagram to learn more about my non professional side. I enjoy cooking, singing, playing guitar, flute (I have a Youtube channel for sharing my flute learnings with over 11k subscribers)